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Get hands-on experience with a library of in-house and community built projects

Codux Team

Tutorial Project

Learn the basic concepts of Codux. In this tutorial project, every component is a short lesson you can follow at your own pace.

Codux Team


Cloudcash is a dashboard application designed for a hypothetical fintech firm. You can modify the components that comprise its web-based application.

Codux Team


Cards showcases the variety of card component examples, featuring content choices for images, headers, footers, and components from third-party library.

Codux Team

Semantic UI Playground

Try out the Semantic development framework in action and see how it creates responsive layouts in this interactive Codux playground.

Codux Team

Blueprint Playground

This is an interactive playground for the Blueprint.js, React-based UI toolkit. It's a great way to learn how to edit, render, and build applications using the @blueprintjs components.

* Some of the projects on this page were built by third parties—
Wix assumes no liability for these projects.

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