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Codux FAQ

What is Codux?

Codux is a collaborative visual development environment designed for React. It empowers developers and designers to build and edit components directly within their codebase. Changes, whether made using visual editing panels or directly through the code, are instantly reflected everywhere, accelerating your workflow.

How can I access Codux?

Codux is a desktop application you download to your local device. It's currently in beta and free to use – we're focused on gathering feedback to shape the best possible product. Don't let the beta label fool you; Codux is already suitable for creating production-grade projects, and many companies are successfully doing so.  Open-source projects will always be able to use Codux for free regardless of future pricing plans.

Does Codux modify the project’s source code? What is the relationship between Codux and my codebase?

Codux always treats your project's code as the ultimate source of truth. Changes you make visually in Codux are immediately written to your code files, and any direct code edits are reflected throughout the visual interface. This seamless integration applies to everything from CSS tweaks to complex logic within repeaters.

How does a team collaborate using Codux?

Codux integrates with Git for seamless collaboration. Teams can work simultaneously on the same project, manage changes through Git branches and commits, and maintain individual control over their contributions. This ensures you have control of when and how you share your changes.

What technologies are currently supported?

Codux supports any React project built with TypeScript and utilizing CSS, CSS modules, SCSS, Tailwind, or Stylable for styling. This means you can work with design systems and components from third-party libraries without hassle.

Can I import the React project I’m working on?

Absolutely! Codux is designed to work alongside your favorite IDE. Real-time synchronization keeps your code and Codux's visual interface perfectly aligned, giving you the flexibility to edit in either place.

Can I edit the React project I’m working on using Codux?

Yes! If your project uses React with TypeScript and one of our supported styling solutions (CSS, CSS modules, SCSS, Tailwind, or Stylable), you're good to go. Codux might need a bit of configuration, but it's designed to work effortlessly with many React projects right out of the box. Find more details about importing projects here.

Where does my design tool fit in working with Codux?

Design tools are fantastic for initial exploration and experimentation. Once your designs are finalized, Codux is where you bring them to life. Use your designs as a visual guide and achieve pixel-perfect results that translate seamlessly into your users' experience.

Do I need any prior knowledge before starting to use Codux?

A basic understanding of HTML and CSS will get you up and running quickly with Codux. Some React knowledge is beneficial for building more complex components, but it's not strictly required.

How does my day-to-day flow look like with Codux?

Codux empowers both designers and developers to create new components, make UI tweaks, and adjust layouts with ease. Designers gain the ability to build production-ready components, while developers can focus on the application's core logic. This flexibility lets your team work more efficiently.

How can I get help or learn more about using Codux?

Need help or want to dive deeper into Codux? We've got you covered! Join our Discord community for support and discussions, explore in-depth guides in our Help Center, watch step-by-step visual walkthroughs on our YouTube channel, or get hands-on with our interactive tutorial project.

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