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Codux FAQ

What is Codux?

Codux is a visual IDE for React that allows you to build and edit components visually and side-by-side with your project’s codebase. Changes can be made through code or with editing panels and are reflected instantly, for a faster workflow.

How can I access Codux?

Codux is a desktop application that you download to your local device. During the beta stage, Codux is free to use.

What technologies are currently supported?

Codux supports any React project built in TypeScript that uses CSS, CSS modules, Sass, or Stylable as its styling solution. This includes full support for editing design systems, and any other component exported from a third-party library package.

Can I use Codux with my current IDE?

Yes, Codux works side-by-side with your IDE of choice. Changes synchronize in real-time with your local project files, so you can view and edit updates in both places.

Can I create new apps using Codux?

Yes, you can create a new React app with Codux. Get started by choosing one of our template projects.

Can I import the React project I’m working on?

Yes, provided that your project uses React with TypeScript, and one of our supported styling solutions: CSS, CSS modules, Sass, or Stylable. Codux may require minor configurations, but many React projects will work with Codux by default. You can learn more about importing projects here.

Can I use third-party libraries in Codux?

Codux fully supports the use of third-party libraries and frameworks in your project. Soon you’ll even be able to add components from external libraries visually.

Does Codux modify my project’s source code? What is the relationship between Codux and my codebase?

In Codux, your project’s code is the source of truth. When you make changes in the UI, the changes are written directly to the code files of your project, and Codux always renders the latest code. This goes for complex logic like expressions inside repeaters the same as it does for CSS – visual changes are written to the code, and changes to code show up visually on the stage and in Codux’s panels.

Can I import files from design tools into Codux?

The short answer is ‘not yet,' but we’re working on a solution for this. Codux helps you build and maintain frontend projects while still using your favorite design tools.

Does Codux support the entire Git workflow?

Yes, Codux supports the entire Git workflow. All changes made to the code within the project folder are tracked by Git. Within the Codux interface, users can push, pull, commit, revert, work with branches, and more.

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