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Release Notes


22 January 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations, our prerequisites installer didn’t find the already-installed version of Git.


18 January 2023

New Features

  • Codux now uses the project's Prettier configuration to format code (both when called by the user, or when called by an editor action). Refer here for more information.

  • Codux now includes indicators throughout the app that provide context-sensitive help through our help widget

  • We added a search feature to the Styles panel to help you find properties and values easier than before.

  • When selecting elements from the stage, you can now step-out to the parent scope from a child component by double-clicking outside the currently-selected element.

  • Codux now categorizes selectors better, and auto-selects a “safe” selector when opening the Styles panel to make the styling experience easier and more intuitive.

  • You can now clone from any Git provider without first having to log in to your Git provider’s account through Codux! If it’s a public repository, it will just work. If cloning from a private repository, make sure you set up an SSH key, and that you have the correct repository permissions before trying this out.

  • We’ve added an experimental feature that lets you open a selected element directly in Visual Studio Code through the context menu in the Elements panel.


  • We removed the unnecessary “no classes” indication when an element is selected in the UI and has no classes.

  • We optimized the gallery view to improve rendering time of boards.

  • We now use the board file name as the default code file tab title for more clarity.

  • We added a description to the “successful clone” dialog to help users better understand that their clone was completed successfully.

  • We changed the size of the Home tab to make for a more intuitive navigation experience.

  • We changed Codux to use a dynamically-allocated, system-assigned port (localhost) instead of a predefined one to avoid any collisions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong visualizers were added to the “Others” style properties section.

  • Fixed an issue where two tabs could appear in the code drawer for a single file.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the contextual panel from displaying correctly after  component or board was deleted outside Codux


28 December 2022

New Features

  • Added initial support for inline styles.

  • Added initial support for the classNames library


  • Improved the general UI and navigation in Codux, the main editor view, the left navigation panel, the Home page, and the components list.

  • Made a number of improvements to the stage so that boards reflect the undoing of new file creation quicker.

  • We improved the way toast messages and content in other areas show up in Codux.

  • Improved how the board recovers from errors.

  • Improved completions for CSS/Sass in the code editor.

  • File tree root node now expands by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Style panel where background layers appeared more than once.

  • Fixed an issue where computed styles only showed after drilling into an element.

  • Fixed an issue related to NodeJS identification.

  • Fixed issues related to dragging elements in the Elements tree.

  • Fixed issues related to Git Diff not opening for certain project structures.

  • Fixed issues in the code editor and code drawer experience.


18 December 2022

Bug Fixes

Made a number of changes to the preview and editing of components to improve the compatibility of Codux with older Node.js versions.


5 December 2022

New Features

  • We are delighted to announce the release of Codux, formerly known as WCS. With this release, we have added several features and improvements to make your experience even better.

  • The configuration file format has changed from JavaScript to JSON to make it easier to manage and access your project configuration. Refer here for details on migrating existing configuration and on viewing configuration schema.

  • We’ve added a new walkthrough to help you explore product features.

  • Added the ability to duplicate an element (on drag).

  • You can now create pseudoclasses and apply custom styling for different CSS states.

  • An alert now shows up if you are using an unsupported version of React or TypeScript.

  • You can now use the Git Revert button to clear all file changes after merging a branch.

  • GitLab merge requests can now be created on GitLab projects.


  • Codux now supports ES modules resolution for importing and exporting modules.

  • Elements in the Elements tree can now be duplicated while dragging, and drilled into by double-clicking (with an indication when it cannot be drilled into).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use the keyboard delete key to delete items from the stage.


6 November 2022

New Features

  • Added the ability to view the Git diff. Now you can see exactly what changed in your code between commits.

  • Added support for creating merge requests in GitLab.

  • You can now zoom into a board by holding CTRL/CMD and scrolling.


  • We made some visual changes to the Flex and Grid controllers in the Styles Panel, adding icons, changing controller layouts, etc.

  • We've added support for import.meta.url in TypeScript.

  • Updated the create new branch modal to make it more user-friendly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where reverting changes did not work for projects inside monorepos.

  • Fixed issues when adding or removing multiple imports at once.

  • Fixed an issue where the prerequisite installer would fail to detect when Git became nonfunctional after a macOS upgrade.

  • Fixed an issue where tabs were draggable to the left of the homescreen tab.

  • Fixed an issue with prompts showing up to update @wixc3/react-board even while the latest version is already installed.

  • Fixed an issue with the categorization of selectors with pseudostates in the Styles panel.

  • Fixed an issue where components were re-rendered unnecessarily when scoping out of a broken component.

  • Fixed an issue where jumping to the next word via shortcut didn't work.

  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts were not disabled when focused on an isolated render.


28 September 2022

New Features

  • Added a link to the release notes in the electron-menu.

  • Added  'demo project' to the add-project menu.

  • Added support for variables from other variables in sass.


  • WCS now uses ports 5656 and 5657.

  • Improved styling in the header.

  • Updated git panel icons in the UI.

  • Enabled scrolling through lists while dragging items in the elements tree.

  • Added support for older git versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues in undo-redo.

  • Fixed an issue with expanding hovered items during drag and drop.

  • Fixed issues with source-to-dist mechanism.

  • Fixed an issue where the build-scripts would get stuck after long-running scripts.

  • Fixed issues in class creation for complex cases.

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling to the same rule in different boards didn't work as expected.

  • Fixed text in git dialogs.

  • Fixed an issue with the range calculation for Monaco code editor completions.

  • Fixed a bug where CSS parse errors were not being exposed.

  • Fixed an issue where the scale to fit option wasn't applying the correct value on load.

  • Fixed text in the style-panel empty state.

  • Fixed text in board actions and tooltips.

  • Fixed the text in toast bar when displaying a git https auth error.

  • Fixed an issue where Flex Controllers were not showing on the style panel.

  • Fixed an error where projects were created without git support.

  • Fixed an issue where the right-click menu would open to the right instead of the left when there wasn't enough space.


8 September 2022

New Features

  • We're introducing a brand new tutorial project with lessons to teach some of the fundamentals of WCS. You can open the tutorial project directly from the Add Projects menu.


  • We've improved tooltips! Now you can see which keyboard shortcuts apply the same action.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to drilling into components that are used as children of third-party components.

  • Fixed an issue where external/third party rules were shown in the view when the rules section was collapsed.

  • Fixed an issue with Monaco (code editor) reformatting.

  • Fixed an issue where the Add Panel wasn't showing boards when no components were found.

  • Fixed some rendering issues on reload.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Edit code" button wouldn't show up when referencing a node that's not available.

  • Fixed an issue where the Elements panel didn't recognize map as a repeater expression inside conditional rendering expressions.

  • Fixed an issue where the stage wasn't updating with new selectors after a class was removed.

  • Fixed an error message for missing component path.

  • Fixed an issue with CSS classname generation.

  • Fixed an issue where the Properties Panel didn’t update when a jsx-element was added.

  • Fixed an issue where the Elements panel remained in scope even after clicking elsewhere.

  • Fixed an issue in the Styles panel where the wrong visualizer would be scrolled to the first time.

  • Fixed an issue related to the incorrect resouliution of @import. You can now import Sass files without explicitly specifying the root.


24 August 2022

New Features

  • We've added a 'create folder' button to the new project dialog, so you can quickly create one for your project.

  • A new warning message now appears when trying to push to a repo in an organization that doesn’t have WCS listed as a trusted application.

  • We've added a new 'Account Settings' button to the user menu to take you to the Wix account management page.


  • We've just made some improvements to the readability of our scripts output!

  • We've disabled editing classes for components that don't have a className prop.

  • We've added an indication to the Elements panel, so you can see at a glance which elements are locked in a forced state.

  • You will now be logged out if your session cookie has expired.

  • We've made it so that the element tree is collapsed by default after 2 levels.

  • We've added caching to board thumbnails so that they render faster!

  • Now, when you create a new rule, it will automatically be selected. No more fiddling around with the mouse to select rules.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where non self-closing JSX tags were deleted.

  • Fixed several Sass import-related issues, including assets imports resolutions.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a JSX string expression would cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue where the selection would not show up for non-active elements in the right bar header.

  • Fixed an issue where items in the elements tree would not expand if the board didn’t render.

  • Fixed an issue with changing branches that have big changes.

  • Fixed an issue with the distance markers on the stage overlays not being accurate when zoomed in.

  • Fixed an issue with the search where it was case-sensitive.

  • Fixed a bug where runtime errors were not being shown in the preview.

  • Fixed a bug with repeaters not working correctly when using a for loop.

  • Fixed some issues with dragging elements on the stage.

  • Fixed an issue where after updating react-board, the preview didn’t render.

  • Fixed an issue where hats could not be clicked.

  • Fixed an issue where the stage wasn't being updated due to a race condition.

  • Fixed an issue where element lanes were drawn incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where cyclic objects were rendering the Elements panel unusable.

  • Fixed an issue where expressions in component props and children were not being accounted for in the Elements panel.

  • Fixed an issue with the Styles panel where setting the background color on a second class was causing issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the log count would accumulate when reloading the preview,

  • Fixed an issue where WCS would leave open processes on Windows systems.

  • Fixed an issue where local components were not updating when you renamed them.

  • Fixed the Shadow and Border properties in the Styles panel to now preserve variable expressions.


31 July 2022

New Features

  • Added the ability to go back to the project picker by clicking on the ‘wcs’ logo in the top left corner

  • Improved support for React.fragment


  • Better collapsing/expanding behavior when dragging items in the elements tree

  • Changed icon for the Wix Answers widget

  • Better error messages for failed class creation

  • Users are no longer prompted to login to github on startup

  • Updated some texts in the style panel

  • Some selector colors have been adjusted

  • More specific error messages when a new repo can not be created.

  • Improved styling for markers on the elements tree

  • React Is not imported into new boards if it is deemed unnecessary based on the tsconfig

  • Workspace aliases in wcs.config now support sass

  • Added the relevant tooltip when styles from node_modules cannot be edited

Bug Fixes

  • Restored Wix Answers widget

  • Fixed an issue where the “Edit Code” button wouldn't always highlight the desired code.

  • Fixed an issue where a boards action menu could be cut off by the bottom the screen

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong message would appear when deleting elements tree nodes.

  • Fixed an issues where users couldn't drag elements to the bottom the the tree

  • Fixed an issues where SCSS files wouldn't be compiled correctly if they had an inline comment followed by a use directive

  • Fixed an issue where the color picker would disappear after typing certain special characters

  • Fixed the styling for some context menus in the style panel

  • Fixed an issue where deleting text would trigger deletions in the tree

  • Fixed performance issues when reloading the stage


17 July 2022

New Features

  • WCS now supports projects built with React v18.0.

  • The application can now use login data from the user’s GitHub account to fill in commit history.

  • Actions can now be made to elements in a lane (expressions, repeaters, etc).

  • The presentation of selectors has been improved.

  • Align and justify CSS properties are even more correct!

  • Style rule tooltips and tooltip messages have been adjusted to provide better help.

  • Added new CSS properties for cursor, opacity, margin, and padding.

  • Included more CSS display editing capabilities for properties.

  • Users are now prompted to update the required “@wixc3/react-board” package when the user’s package.json file requests an older, unsupported version, or when an older version is already installed.

  • Third-party components can now be added to a board through the Add Elements panel.

  • The Elements panel now supports components that return fragments.

  • You’ll now know if there’s an error in your wcs.config.js file through handy notifications.

  • To improve source-to-source support, you no longer need to remap packages separately. Now you can use the “workspaceAlias” key!

  • CSS properties are now hidden until a style rule is selected.

  • We now support the @Property variable syntax for native CSS.

  • You’ll find a handy link to report an issue directly from WCS.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue related to shadows.

  • Corrected issues related to account logins.

  • Inspect mode no longer turns on unexpectedly.

  • Elements tree issue has been corrected.

  • Resolved a small inline styling rule.

  • Resolved issue with the “Close All Tabs” panel so users are redirected to the next remaining panel.

  • Fixed multiple issues related to scrolling through the elements tree.

  • Users are no longer prompted to install a prerequisite even when the project doesn’t have a package.json file.

  • Max-height and max-width style properties no longer result in errors when using the auto keywords.

  • Text nodes without explicit styles to display now mention that there are no styles to display.

  • JSX prop placeholders are no longer treated as elements.

  • Flickering overlay title present on hover has been resolved.

  • Fixed handling in the UI when the project path is not a Git repository.

  • Fixed a grid density styling issue.

  • Fixed some lane coloring.

  • Issue preventing users from adding classes from unused style file imports has been resolved.

  • Fixed an issue related to element lanes where only active layers were shown.

  • Fixed CSS properties spacing.

  • Fixed a minor spacing issue in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the Remove button of an element selected through the stage wasn’t actually removed.

  • Toggling the “children” prop and then undoing/redoing the change now successfully changes the code.

  • Component discovery time was improved dramatically.

  • Fixed an issue where text pasted from the clipboard was replaced by text color input.


6 July 2022

  • Future-facing infrastructure changes


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