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Release Notes


1 June 2023

Bug FIxes

better handling for "@babel-runtime"


14 May 2023

New Features

  • Codux has a new logo! Quack quack!!!


  • The Add Elements panel search mechanism works better.

  • The Add Elements panel now keeps its state (search, drill down, position), so when it is closed and reopened, it returns to how it was previously.

  • The Add Elements panel is now resizable.

  • The Add Elements panel now supports hierarchy, so that elements can be grouped together.

  • Improved CSS processing performance.

  • Improved the text labels in the New Project screen.

  • Added ES modules to all configuration files.

  • Added support for moduleResolution: “bundler”.

  • Added support for Vite’s public folder

  • Added support for relative paths in codux.config.js.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed empty state messages in the Properties and Styles panel.

  • Fixed some edge-cases in the Tailwind class auto-completion mechanism.

  • Fixed an issue where, in some operating systems, Codux couldn’t find some components, causing them to be grayed out in the Elements panel.

  • Fixed some mouse cursor issues.

  • Fixed some performance issues related to the Files tree.


4 May 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where drilling into a fragment in the Elements panel was malfunctioning.


4 May 2023

New Features

  • Added Tailwind-related functionality to the built-in code editor, including: auto-completion, correct sorting of classes, hover to reveal CSS info, and more.

  • Improved the product prerequisites installation detection for Node.js and Git.

  • The Codux configuration file codux.config.js now supports using relative paths.


  • A new UI for the Projects screen now allows easy access and navigation to existing projects, new project creation, and product tutorials.

  • The Properties panel has been updated to display the most pertinent properties of the selected element at the top of the panel. For example, upon selecting a component, the interface’s props will be situated at the top. This functionality has also been incorporated into third-party components in this release.

  • Improved the default naming convention for board names to create a clear separation between boards and components, and to achieve a faster workflow.

  • The Escape key now stops dragging actions.

  • Improved the experience and functionality of the built-in code editor: added fuzzy search for file paths, added highlights in the file tree for the currently opened file, improved CMD+click navigation in the code, and fixed some bugs with type definitions.

  • Improved error message for ‘no results found’ in the Computed Styles panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor bug related to the window title.

  • Improved Electron error logging.

  • Fixed the code editor “stealing” focus from other UI elements.

  • Fixed edge cases related to working on inline styles with Styles panel.

  • Fixed an issue where a thumbnail didn’t show correctly after undoing the deletion of a board.

  • Fixed an issue where the option to create a pull request was disabled for new projects.

  • Fixed an issue where changes to the JSON file being imported into a board didn’t appear until refresh.

  • Fixed an issue where drilling into a recursive component produced unexpected behavior.

  • Fixed an issue where the layout props in the Styles panel also appeared in the Others category.

  • Fixed an issue where unclickable elements in breadcrumbs got the wrong mouse cursor.

  • Fixed the desktop icon for Linux distros.

  • Fixed an issue in the Computed Styles panel where borders were shown incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where a dialog didn’t close as expected when creating a new folder.

  • Fixed an issue where Tailwind configuration would only apply after relaunching Codux.


29 March 2023

New Features

  • Codux now includes initial support for Tailwind CSS! You can easily configure and apply Tailwind CSS styles as you’d normally do in code, and see them reflected in your Codux Boards. See here for more details.

  • You can now edit a component’s structure from the stage by dragging and dropping, making it easier to add and arrange components.

  • We’ve added quick-start templates to Codux! Now, when you choose to create a new project, you’ll be able to not just choose from blank templates, but also use one of the templates we made with example components to get you started on your new project.

  • Codux will now create a styling file when you try to add a class and there’s no related style file to save it to. All you need to do is set your styling solution in codux.config.json using the new solution key.

  • We introduced the ability to import Style variables (CSS, Scss, Stylable) using the global board setup configuration. Now you can use global variables in all components and scopes of your boards, even if they aren’t already imported (they will be automatically imported if used). See here for more information.


  • When creating a new component, Codux will now be drilled-in to the scope of the component and not its board.

  • We've made some changes to the way empty state texts are displayed in the Styles panel.

  • We added support for new behaviors introduced in Sass 1.59.x.

  • We improved the way that the Computed Styles panel appears when there are no styles to view.

  • Codux no longer shows child props for components that don’t have any.

  • We introduced a shortcut that lets you double-click on a text node to go straight to the Properties panel where it can be edited.

  • Codux now has new icons and styling in the file explorer!

  • Context menus should now behave more consistently.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where creating a project with a space in its name or path led to an error.

  • Fixed an issue related to a dubious ownership error that sometimes occurred while using Git.

  • Fixed an issue where a selector tooltip stayed open after scrolling.

  • Fixed an issue where the opacity property value in the Styles panel was partially cut off.

  • Fixed an issue in the code drawer where the ‘go to definition’ preview action was blank.

  • Fixed an issue on the stage where the correct position of the canvas frame wasn’t always shown after it was changed.


22 February 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Login related bug fixes.


21 February 2023

New Features

  • Deprecated support for node-sass.

  • Added a new project template for Vite projects.

  • Added a link to the Codux video tutorials site to the top menu.

  • Added initial support for projects that are using the pNPM package manager.

  • Added a diagnostics tool for users encountering issues while Codux checks that the correct versions of Git and Node.js are installed.

  • Added optional configuration to specify Node.js and Git binary locations, and the shell for Codux to use.


  • You can now open the relevant code editor tabs when drilling into components in the Elements panel.

  • Components now maintain their state when a board is refreshed or re-rendered.

  • Optimized performance when rendering boards.

  • Added the Open in VS Code menu option to context menus and panels across Codux.

  • Props in the right panel are now ordered based on their relevance to the selected component.

  • Adjusted the sorting of items in menus across Codux.

  • Updated the icon for block elements.

  • Modified some tooltip texts to make them clearer.

  • Updated the styling for when locking a shortened CSS property controller in the Styles panel (such as padding, margin, etc.)

  • Components on the stage are now highlighted with different colors to represent their type.

  • The boards gallery now loads faster.

  • Added the ability to create new components from the Add Elements panel.

  • Improved the styling of breadcrumbs on the left side on the UI.

  • Updated the styling of the Edit Component button in the Elements panel, to make it more easily visible.

  • Optimized Styles panel performance.

  • Improved indications when dragging elements in the Elements panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the canvas was selectable when trying to select elements on the stage

  • Fixed an issue where spaces in paths could break compilation.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted files would be suggested when creating new classames.

  • Fixed an issue where conditional classes would always appear disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where functions could be detected as components if they returned JSX elements.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes occurred while undoing a change after switching branches.

  • Fixed an issue where commits wouldn't work if name and email were not configured in the global Git config.

  • Fixed an issue where some environment variables would be overwritten by Codux.

  • Fixed an issue where committing with Git wouldn't work in some cases.

  • Fixed issues related to reverting changes in a monorepo.


22 January 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations, our prerequisites installer didn’t find the already-installed version of Git.


18 January 2023

New Features

  • Codux now uses the project's Prettier configuration to format code (both when called by the user, or when called by an editor action). Refer here for more information.

  • Codux now includes indicators throughout the app that provide context-sensitive help through our help widget

  • We added a search feature to the Styles panel to help you find properties and values easier than before.

  • When selecting elements from the stage, you can now step-out to the parent scope from a child component by double-clicking outside the currently-selected element.

  • Codux now categorizes selectors better, and auto-selects a “safe” selector when opening the Styles panel to make the styling experience easier and more intuitive.

  • You can now clone from any Git provider without first having to log in to your Git provider’s account through Codux! If it’s a public repository, it will just work. If cloning from a private repository, make sure you set up an SSH key, and that you have the correct repository permissions before trying this out.

  • We’ve added an experimental feature that lets you open a selected element directly in Visual Studio Code through the context menu in the Elements panel.


  • We removed the unnecessary “no classes” indication when an element is selected in the UI and has no classes.

  • We optimized the gallery view to improve rendering time of boards.

  • We now use the board file name as the default code file tab title for more clarity.

  • We added a description to the “successful clone” dialog to help users better understand that their clone was completed successfully.

  • We changed the size of the Home tab to make for a more intuitive navigation experience.

  • We changed Codux to use a dynamically-allocated, system-assigned port (localhost) instead of a predefined one to avoid any collisions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong visualizers were added to the “Others” style properties section.

  • Fixed an issue where two tabs could appear in the code drawer for a single file.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the contextual panel from displaying correctly after  component or board was deleted outside Codux


28 December 2022

New Features

  • Added initial support for inline styles.

  • Added initial support for the classNames library


  • Improved the general UI and navigation in Codux, the main editor view, the left navigation panel, the Home page, and the components list.

  • Made a number of improvements to the stage so that boards reflect the undoing of new file creation quicker.

  • We improved the way toast messages and content in other areas show up in Codux.

  • Improved how the board recovers from errors.

  • Improved completions for CSS/Sass in the code editor.

  • File tree root node now expands by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Style panel where background layers appeared more than once.

  • Fixed an issue where computed styles only showed after drilling into an element.

  • Fixed an issue related to NodeJS identification.

  • Fixed issues related to dragging elements in the Elements tree.

  • Fixed issues related to Git Diff not opening for certain project structures.

  • Fixed issues in the code editor and code drawer experience.


18 December 2022

Bug Fixes

Made a number of changes to the preview and editing of components to improve the compatibility of Codux with older Node.js versions.


5 December 2022

New Features

  • We are delighted to announce the release of Codux, formerly known as WCS. With this release, we have added several features and improvements to make your experience even better.

  • The configuration file format has changed from JavaScript to JSON to make it easier to manage and access your project configuration. Refer here for details on migrating existing configuration and on viewing configuration schema.

  • We’ve added a new walkthrough to help you explore product features.

  • Added the ability to duplicate an element (on drag).

  • You can now create pseudoclasses and apply custom styling for different CSS states.

  • An alert now shows up if you are using an unsupported version of React or TypeScript.

  • You can now use the Git Revert button to clear all file changes after merging a branch.

  • GitLab merge requests can now be created on GitLab projects.


  • Codux now supports ES modules resolution for importing and exporting modules.

  • Elements in the Elements tree can now be duplicated while dragging, and drilled into by double-clicking (with an indication when it cannot be drilled into).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use the keyboard delete key to delete items from the stage.

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